Presale FAQ


I ordered baskets with my presale order, will they ship separately or together?


As we mentioned in each product description, if you purchase any other in-stock items with your presale order they will be held and shipped together when the presale comes in. We recommend placing 2 orders if you are wanting the in-stock items right away


I ordered during the September Presale, when will my order ship?

We are starting to ship out September Presale starting 9/5, we will be shipping out in the order that it was received.  We hope to be done with shipments by September 28th. 


I ordered during the October Presale, when will my order ship?


The October presale Bliss is in production currently. Per the listing description you read prior to checkout, bliss will start shipping out approximately October 10th. As we get closer to Bliss shipping to our warehouse, we will be sending an e-mail to all October Presale orders with an update. 



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