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Maple + Lark

Abundance Rope Basket

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 Abundance is our largest basket, this basket was designed for the larger household items in mind. Laundry, Blocks, Throw Blankets + Pillows, Shoe Basket, Closet Storage and more.

The handles provide extra ease to move the basket from one place to another, this basket is made with our sturdiest cotton rope, and not your average laundry basket. While maintaining structure and shape while you fill it to the brim with clothes, or heavy blocks!

Made with quality hand crafted rope, machine stitched to provide extra strength and sturdiness. These are beautifully handmade by fair trade employees in Asia. Our company loves supporting families across the globe as we bring in products from around the world and USA!

  • M+L Essentials
  • 19” Diameter 
  • 14” Depth
  • 100% Cotton
  • Vegan Leather Tag
  • Ethically Made 





*this is not a child’s toy, to be used as an organizational/decor product only*

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nu Lee
Best quality baskets!

I’ve been ordering products from Maple+Lark since I discovered them a few years ago. Their quality and design is the best and their popular toy products always sell out! Usually when I buy things, I end up not using them but the products I buy here are always being used and are popular with the kids to play with. I can’t wait to order more!

Shehrose Rehmani
It’s massive!

Fits all of my kids 101 stuffies! Yay! Next stop, laundry!

Brianna Bosco
A must have for your home

Okay...most things Maple and Lark are for my little, but THIS was for me!! I love it for clean laundry + blanket baskets. It's so much bigger than I expected, but just as strong as the promise basket! It's definitely a keeper of all the things!

Becka Butler
Not your average basket!

The threads LINE UP. They are perfectly symmetrical. Look at any rope basket in Target & you’ll see what I’m referring to. They always have a rope that just stops randomly somewhere on top. Not the M+L baskets! They have symmetry. They are beautiful! You can use them for your kids, yourself, gifts, etc. We use ours to hold all of the play food for their play kitchen. This is definitely a top notch basket!

Kahley O’Malley
Perfectly fits!

The basket was bigger than I thought and fits all my little ones stuff animals while looking elegant. A perfect addition to our nursery