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Bliss Bags ™ | 2 Pack

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Keep your small items safe and organized with Bliss Bags! Our frosted yet see through bags are made with medical-grade plastic, BPA and Phthalates-free and come in three different sizes to fit wonderfully in Bliss Bins. Make use of the waterproof bag for school supplies, game pieces, flash cards, and other small items. Complete with stylish vegan leather zippers. Bliss Bags are your new favorite organizer! 

  • Sold in 2 Packs
  • Large 13.39" x 9.45"  64oz 
  • Medium 7.75" x 6.69" 32oz 
  • Small  8”x4” 16oz 
  • Made with medical grade plastic. 
  • BPA/phthalates Free
  • Vegan Leather
  • Meets California Act 65 standards

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Large Bliss Bags~A New Fav!!

First time w/ Bliss Bags!! Already addicted to the Large Bliss Bins!! I knew these bags would be lovely BUT The quality is off the charts--Love the zippers--Love the seal thru but not super completely clear--Love the size of the Large Bliss Bags for what I want to travel with.. Yup--I'm in love!!

Ashley Z.
Great for mamas!

These bliss bags are great to use as wet bags for mama. I keep one in my diaper bag at all times and if my baby spits up or has a blowout or anything happens to their clothes, I keep them in the bliss bag until I get home to clean them. I'm so glad I have these!!

Small Bliss Bags

I love that these bags are non toxic and safe to have around my children. I love sorting our various writing utensils in multiple bags. We have one for colored pencils, skinny markers, gel pens, and regular pencils. This helps keep our handwriting curriculum fun!

Medium Bags

Ok, so, I may or may not have purchased 16 of these bags. BUT, doesn’t that show just how much I love these? Amazing! We gameschool, so we have quite a few learning games. However, those games often come in giant useless boxes and take up unnecessary space. My solution, Bliss Bags! I have been able to ditch the giant boxes and store our games in these bags. It’s amazing!

Our Go To Bags

We have all three sizes of the Bliss Bags to use for our home organizing needs from board games (large bag), sensory filler (medium bag), and small game parts or even for art supplies (small bag). Durable, non-toxic, fair, supporting families, sourced products and my kids can see what's inside - absolutely love!