Shaping Your Basket

The best way to shape your basket is to fill it up with items! Do not be afraid to bend/fold your basket in the opposite way it was mailed flat. It will take a little time for the cotton to reform and relax in it's new shape. If want to speed the process along, we recommend a hand held steamer and folding/shaping it with your hands. *Do not iron the basket, only steam*



For cleaning our cotton rope baskets, we first recommend spot cleaning with a tested cleaning product ( test a spot on the bottom of the basket to be sure the cleaner won't stain your basket) We recommend using Force of Nature Cleaner, or Branch Basics Cleaners. These are both tested cleaners we've personally used.

If you need more of a heavy duty cleaning: hand wash your basket  with mild detergent in the sink/tub. Let it air dry (this will take 24hrs, as the rope is thick) 

We have washed our baskets in the washing machine, on the gentle cycle and air dry. However we recommend this as a last ditch effort, as the Vegan Leather tags are not made to withstand washing like this many times.

 Acrylic Toys

Acrylic should be cleaned with soft cloths (microfiber is best) and mild soap/cleaner. Abrasive products will scratch and cause blemishes. For dried on marker, or other topicals we recommend the Magic Erasers (Moms best friend). 

Wood Toys

Wood toys should never be submerged in water and soap, spot cleaning with a damp cloth and water if necessary. Water will make wood swell, bend, and cause many issues. Keep your wood toys out of extreme temperatures to avoid cracking or warping. (direct sunlight, extreme cold or heat)  We recommend conditioning your wood with linseed oil, or beeswax oil once every few months to extend the length of the product. 


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