Wooden Sloth

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Sloths don't like having to move too far, and when they do, they do it slo-o-o-o-o-ly - but you can move this wooden sloth from Bajo as quickly as you like. Real sloths have long claws to help them hold on to trees and like them, this wooden sloth toy has little pegs at the end of each limb so that children can hook it on to surfaces. Move the sloth's limbs and hang him from furniture at home or trees in the park using its claws.

This sloth is made from solid wood and left unpainted, with the grain of the wood making up its furry coat.. It's a great wooden toy for young animal lovers and is also a fab way to show children how things move and work. 

Suitable from 18 months.

This toy measures 15cm x 7cm x 11cm.