* DISCOUNTED Wooden Alphabet Tracing Board

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*We have 8 slightly imperfect tracing boards for a discounted rate! These boards were sent to us with the W and V in flipped positions, it does not effect the boards use, however it is not in alphabetical order. (Constants on one side,  vowels on the other) we are getting a new shipment of correct boards from the vendor. However we are discounting these slightly flawed boards for $5 off original price

Double sided wooden alphabet tracing boards with numbers. This board contains the consonant letters in lower and upper case on one side. The other side contains the numbers 1-10 and the vowels in lower and upper case. Children can trace these carved wooden boards with their fingers or with the stylus. Multiple uses, rubbing the letters with paper, using clay or play dough to form 3d letters, filling with rice or beans to trace the letters. Endless play and learning options.


Handmade in Canada