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 *Preorder opening 1/28 10am cst - 1/30 7pm cst.  Please note it will take up to 12 weeks before your order is delivered, any cancellations must be done within 24hrs of order*

**Preorder Jar orders placed with additional products (toys/baskets) will not be split up and shipped in 2 orders, the entire order will be shipped in 12 weeks. Please make 2 orders if you are planning on purchasing baskets/toys and want them sooner than the jars**

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Acrylic Jars are part of our M+L exclusive brand. Are you looking for a creative way to store all those loose parts? easy for clean up, yet beautiful on the toy shelf our Play Jars are the perfect organizational tool for your play room. They come in 3 different sizes all made with hard non-toxic acrylic. It comes with a wood screw top lid to keep the esthetics in your home natural, as well as keeping those small parts out of little hands that can't have them yet! These jars are great for pompoms, wood balls, crayons, loose parts, Grapat mandalas, playdough, slime and nature brought inside. They are also food grade safe for your pantry. 

*please note the new 2021 lid which has a smaller m+l logo on the top of the jar*

This listing is for 1 empty jar, please select the size you'd like from the drop down menu.

Small 3.46X3.46”

Medium 3.46x4.13”

Large 3.46x 6.29”

  • M+L Essentials
  • Ethically Made 
  • Handmade in Asia

For the Grapat Mandala loose parts you can really mix and match sizes. Grapat recently changed sizes to a larger mandalas, we have 2 variations for the older smaller mandalas, and the newer larger mandalas.  *Please note because Grapat is handmade, we cannot guarantee the sizing/fit of the mandalas and jars, these are simply suggestions that worked for us*

Here is our guide to finding a jar for every mandala. Don't forget to mix and match a rainbow jar full of loose parts! 

( Please note these jars are not affiliate with Grapat nor do they come with any Grapat mandalas)

Older/Smaller Pieces:

Raindrops - 1 Large or 2 Medium

Fire -  1 Large or 2 Mediums

Green Trees -  1 Large + 1 Small or 2 Mediums or

Purple Eggs - 1 Large + 1 Small or 2 Mediums 

Green Cones - Medium

Orange Cones - Medium

Honeycomb - 2 Mediums or 1 Large + 1 Small 

Gray Stones - 1 Small

Blue Coins - 1 Small 

Mushrooms - 1 Large

Flowers - 1 Large

Newer/Larger Pieces:

All large 6 fit in 8 Large Jars - You would have 2 of those jars mixed (see photo)

Raindrops - 1 Large + 1 Small

Fire - 1 Large + 1 Small

Purple Eggs - 1 Large + 1 Small

Honeycomb - 1 Large + 1 Small

Mushrooms - 1 Large + 1 Small ( 1 large leaves about 3-4 leftover mushrooms)

Pinecone - 1 Large + 1 Med

Coins - 1 Small

Stones - 1 Medium

Green/Orange Cones - 1 Large or 1 Medium + 1 small

Flowers - 1 Medium + 1 Small 


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Excellent quality

These jars are so pretty (every mama’s dream for playroom and all organization, right?!) they look like glass built aren't and are so kid safe, excellent quality (like the acrylic is so thick), aaaaand they can be used for ANYTHING — like once my kids outgrow a playroom mama is stealing the jars for bathrooms, pantry, all the things. Just the perfect jars to make any space look beautiful and tidy.

I want to put everything in jars!

I love the design of these jars. They’re so simple and clean, and look so pretty on a shelf. Only issue is that now I want more so I can put everything in jars!

So versatile!!

We’ve used them for Grapat pieces, Grapat bugs, wooden marbles & small wool balls. And I’m positive there are a hundred other ways to used them!

Best Small Toy Storage

I absolutely love these jars. Not only are they pretty, they are also very durable—my rambunctious 2 year old has been unable to break one (despite his many attempts).

Play Jars

Absolutely love these jars!! My kids love playing with them as well. Can’t wait for the larger size to arrive!