Nature Themed Word Search + Coloring Pages

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Word searches are a super way to build vocabulary, spelling skills and pattern recognition! They are great cognitive exercises for both kids and adults.
This large print 8.5” x 11” sized book contains 64 puzzles (some easy and some more challenging... good for about age 7 and up), followed by the solutions, plus 14 hand-drawn coloring pages featuring some of the specimens listed in the puzzles.

Puzzle topics include:

◾️ Pond Life
◾️ Raptors
◾️ Mollusks
◾️ Starry Sky
◾️ Owls
◾️ Weather
◾️ Nocturnal
◾️ Plant Parts
◾️ And so many more!

Perfect for road trips, rainy days, waiting rooms or whenever!