M+L Number Trays

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Counting never looked so fun, the perfect tool for learning numbers, counting, math, and more. These boards can be used with any objects around the house to count with ( make sure they are child safe!)  Don't forget to trace and fill the numbers above the tray. Each tray is larger than the one before, each tray also has a shallow tray area for the counting pieces. They are numbered 1-10. Mix and match the trays for higher counting, 1 and 5 next to each other makes 15, place 10 small beans in the 1 tray, and 5 beans in the 5 tray for learning family number units! 

Our M+L Number Trays are made from hard alder wood, natural and completely non-toxic, sanded and smooth edges. It is exclusively made for M+L in Europe. 

  • Includes trays 1 - 10
  • 4"- 7"
  • Alder Wood
  • M+L Exclusive
  • Made in Europe
  • Do not use choking hazards in the trays, unless using them for children ages 3+ with adult supervision.
  • Wooden balls, Scoops, and other accessories in the photos are not included