Garden Journal

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This is an 8 x 10 garden journal, planner and log (printed on 55 lb paper) written and illustrated especially for kids! Included in this 102 page workbook / notebook are:

◾️ A Place to Record the Owner’s Name, Growing Zone & Frost Dates
◾️ Tips for Using this Journal
◾️ Information on Soil and Seeds
◾️ A Brief Introduction to Composting
◾️ A Bit About Useful Weeds
◾️ Suggestions for Seasonal To-Do’s in the Garden 
◾️ Pages for Your Garden Plant Records
◾️ Places to Make Seasonal Notes
◾️ Pages to Sketch Out Garden Layout Ideas
◾️ And More!

This simple and easy to use Garden Log was designed with children ages 9 - 14 in mind (but of course can be used by any age!). It makes a great gift when paired with one of the many fantastic kid’s gardening books out there!

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