The Natural Basket Range

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Introducing our newest Natural Basket Range. Offered in 4 styles, made from 100% natural Jute fibers. Featuring vegan leather accents. The rustic texture of the Jute material brings the a dimensions to our baskets that is next level. 

Made with quality hand crafted Jute, machine stitched to provide extra strength and sturdiness. These are beautifully handmade by fair trade employees in Asia. Our company loves supporting families across the globe and USA as we bring in products from around the world!


  • M+L Essentials
  • 6-7" Diameter 
  • 2.5-3.5" Depth
  • M+L Essentials
  • 9-10” Width
  • 3.5-4” Depth
  • 11-12” Length
  • M+L Essentials
  • 10.5-11.5" Depth
  • 9.5"-10.5" Width
  • 9.5-10.5" Length

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brianna Bosco
Boho Basket

This is such a beautiful basket - has the wonderful strength and size of the typical rope baskets, but an extra little natural flair. It shows off great visual texture without being too coarse to the touch, and fits all of your beautiful M+L natural wooden toys!

Nicole B.
Love the natural range (gather basket)

I was concerned that the jute would be coarse to the touch but this is very smooth for jute. The vegan leather handles felt very sturdy and soft. While I love the coziness of the cloth baskets, the natural look of the jute fits better into my aesthetics. The gather is the perfect size for coralling mail and is easy to tote from the door area to the recycling bin and the filing cabinet. The size is not too small that I feel like I have to take care of it immediately but not too big that I'm dealing with a massive stack. I'd love to see a small open cylindrical hamper made from the jute (maybe 16x18ish) with the vegan leather handles!

Megan Campbell

These baskets are beautiful. They have a natural look without a scratchy texture. They work great for home school materials.


Seriously, these natural bountiful baskets are amazing. We are storing books in one and the other we have all of our big blocks. The best part is, they are still easy to pick up. I can't wait to get more!