M+L CVC Word Board

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Is that a cat, a bat, or a hat? Practice reading and forming consonant-vowel-consonant pattern words with your child to help develop their reading skills. Your child will be producing CVC words on their own in no time. We encourage families to start with the shorter vowels of A and I at the top master those CVC words and continue down the board to the longer vowels of O, U , and E. 

Our M+L CVC word boards are made from hard alder wood, natural and completely non-toxic, sanded and smooth edges. It is exclusively made for M+L in Europe. 

  • Tray 12"x 6"
  • 26 Alphabet Tiles 2" x 1.5" 
  • Alder Wood
  • M+L Exclusive
  • Made in Europe

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Perfect for my 4 year old

The size of the tiles is really what sold me. So solid and beautifully crafted! We use this each night before our read aloud- my son's asks for his letter reading game. Thanks for ANOTHER fantastic product

Melissa Flynn

This CVC board is amazing quality. So happy I splurged on it!

Love them!!

Such great quality and love this store. Got these for my 3 year old and love how chunky the tiles are

Abigail Bunda Phung
Can’t spell MOM

I love this board! My son is I love you 8 months so technically he’s not old enough for it (though you’re never really too old to learn anything). I love that the tiles are big that he can use this for coordination even if his words don’t make sense. My only 👎 is there’s only ONE set of letters 😔 he can spell dad (flip p upside down) but can’t spell mom (not rating down for this because it is in the description)... if there’s a way to get extra letters (id prefer to be able to choose which ones, but I won’t say no to just another set) id be giddy!!! 😍

Jennifer Curtis
CVC Board

Beautiful quality and came so fast in the mail! Thank you!